Gone, girl (sheryl_crow) wrote in ftad,
Gone, girl

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Prepare to be dazzled...

Name-Full? Sheryl Susanne Fucking Evil Crow-Chisholm-Ass-Rickman-Gibson...I need to stop marrying people. Most just know me as Sheryl Crow. ;)

Profession-Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Producer/Wanna-be actress (only on the weekends)

Likes-the beach, quiet, my guitar, my piano, my accordion, funny and smart people, inner peace, editing this post like 500 times...having more likes than dislikes, even though I don't think that's happening

Dislikes-GW (although I don't care enough about him to hate him...), idiots, ignorance, low tolerance, labels (see why under profession), people making me feel ways I shouldn't, people who think they're better than everyone else, mispellings
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