As A Fuck Son, You Suck (karen___o) wrote in ftad,
As A Fuck Son, You Suck

I hope I didn't post this twice ... O.o;;;

Music censorship.

Hmmm ... what can I really say?

It's a contradiction over what America was founded on. Freedom.

Freedom is no longer a realistic concept here. We think we have it, yet we don't. Humorous really. We have converted back to the shit we grew out of. We have gone back to bashing everything that we think "isn't right" and that is reflected in the fact that they can't put PM5K's album in fucking Wal*Mart.

Why should I quiet my voice? Why should I not make a difference in the world? Why?

And I will end on this note because I am getting really worked up ...

Always ask 'why' ...
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